Medium: Watercolor on scintilla paper

Signature: signed and dated upper right


11 in. h. x 11 in. w.


"My last year in art school eased me into the life I loved: freedom of thought, freedom of travel, and freedom from want (somewhat). I had five paintings, oils and watercolors, accepted at the annual May Show at the Cleveland Museum of Art. I won a third prize and sold all paintings, thanks to the interest of William M. Milliken. That was enough to set me off across the Atlantic to Italy, Africa, France, Belgium, and England and to see those paintings and works of art I had so admired in reproduction. It gave me a chance to live and think and try my new wings. The group of watercolors I sent back from Taormina, Sicily, won first prize, the Cleveland Museum buying one. All of these were sold. These were radical for their day, not consciously so on my part. I was only painting as I saw and reacted at the time. Now time has caught up with me and I am not radical." -Clarence Holbrook Carter, American Artist, November 1946

Type of Work: Paintings

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