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Orange Trees at Antibes

Abel G. Warshawsky (American, 1883–1962) Orange Trees at Antibes

Mary Anne Moore

Clarence Holbrook Carter (American, 1904–2000) Mary Anne Moore, 1932


Ora Coltman (American, 1858–1940) Provincetown


Louis Bosa (American, 1905–1981) Riviera

Still Life

Shlomo Van den Berg (Israeli, 1920–1982) Still Life, 1953

Two Heads in Orange and Blue

Joseph Glasco (American, 1925–1996) Two Heads in Orange and Blue, 1966

Over and Above No. 8

Clarence Holbrook Carter (American, 1904–2000) Over and Above No. 8

Composition en Ré

Claude Venard (French, 1913–1999) Composition en Ré

The Band

William Sommer (American, 1867–1949) The Band


William Sommer (American, 1867–1949) Figures

Adam & Eve

William Sommer (American, 1867–1949) Adam & Eve

Nude with Umbrella & Figures

William Sommer (American, 1867–1949) Nude with Umbrella & Figures, 1934

Seated Female

William Sommer (American, 1867–1949) Seated Female

Interior with Boy

William Sommer (American, 1867–1949) Interior with Boy, c. 1930

A Monument to Bondage

William Sommer (American, 1867–1949) A Monument to Bondage

Winter, Brandywine

William Sommer (American, 1867–1949) Winter, Brandywine

Brandywine Landscape with Goats and Chickens

William Sommer (American, 1867–1949) Brandywine Landscape with Goats and Chickens, 1943

Purple Barn, Brandywine

William Sommer (American, 1867–1949) Purple Barn, Brandywine, 1944

African Landscape

Paul Bough Travis (American, 1891–1975) African Landscape, 1953

Pine Point Spur

Carl Frederick Gaertner (American, 1898–1952) Pine Point Spur, 1947

The Fisherman

Carl Frederick Gaertner (American, 1898–1952) The Fisherman, 1946

San Fernando Valley

Alexander Warshawsky (American, 1887–1945) San Fernando Valley, c. 1935

Performing Arts

Shirley Aley Campbell (American, Born 1925) Performing Arts, 1950

Surreal Nocturnal Stable Scene

Peter Ackermann (German, 1934–2007) Surreal Nocturnal Stable Scene, 1967

Baroque Venus

Elsa Vick Shaw (American, 1891–1974) Baroque Venus, c. 1950

Flying Nuns

Louis Bosa (American, 1905–1981) Flying Nuns

Still Life

Clarence Holbrook Carter (American, 1904–2000) Still Life, 1968


Louis Bosa (American, 1905–1981) Wharf, 1934

Bucks County

Louis Bosa (American, 1905–1981) Bucks County, 1934

Monkey Business

Louis Bosa (American, 1905–1981) Monkey Business, 1948

Figural Abstract

Joseph Glasco (American, 1925–1996) Figural Abstract, 1952


Louis Bosa (American, 1905–1981) Masquerade


Louis Bosa (American, 1905–1981) Harlequin

Skiing Nuns

Louis Bosa (American, 1905–1981) Skiing Nuns


Carl Frederick Gaertner (American, 1898–1952) Leavings, 1951

Outside the Print–Seller's Shop

Outside the Print–Seller's Shop