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How Many Times?

Clarence Holbrook Carter (American, 1904–2000) How Many Times?, 1952

Woman and Fruit

20th Century School Woman and Fruit

Coastal Waves

George Gustav Adomeit (American, 1879–1967) Coastal Waves

Vegetable Garden, Zoar, Ohio

George Gustav Adomeit (American, 1879–1967) Vegetable Garden, Zoar, Ohio, ca. 1935-40


De Scott (David) Evans (American, 1847–1898) Taxidermist, 1881

Narrow Street, Finistere, France

Abel G. Warshawsky (American, 1883–1962) Narrow Street, Finistere, France

Racing in Heavy Weather

Carlton Theodore Chapman (American, 1860–1925) Racing in Heavy Weather

Woman with Flowers

Fred Leach (American, 1924–2006) Woman with Flowers


Ora Coltman (American, 1858–1940) Nuremburg, 1908

Rural Farm

George Gustav Adomeit (American, 1879–1967) Rural Farm, 1937

Monhegan Coast, Maine

George Gustav Adomeit (American, 1879–1967) Monhegan Coast, Maine

Barns in Rural Landscape

George Gustav Adomeit (American, 1879–1967) Barns in Rural Landscape

Large Studio Still Life

Joseph Benjamin O’Sickey (American, 1918–2013) Large Studio Still Life, 1979

Lady in a Red Hat

20th Century American School Lady in a Red Hat, c. 1920

Heading West

Henry George Keller (American, 1869–1949) Heading West

Spanish Landscape with Cypresses

Rolf Stoll (American, 1892–1978) Spanish Landscape with Cypresses, c. 1930s


Carl Frederick Gaertner (American, 1898–1952) Bridge, 1935

Sherbrook #37

Marvin Jones (American, 1940–2005) Sherbrook #37, Mid-to-Late 20th Century

Sherbrook #29 -

Marvin Jones (American, 1940–2005) Sherbrook #29 - "Winter Night", Mid-to-Late 20th Century

Horse and Cart

Henry George Keller (American, 1869–1949) Horse and Cart, 1916

Subzero, Cleveland

Clarence Holbrook Carter (American, 1904–2000) Subzero, Cleveland, 1939

The Island Ponds

Virginia Berresford (American, 1902–1995) The Island Ponds, 1946

Memorials, Erie Street Cemetery, Downtown Cleveland

George Gustav Adomeit (American, 1879–1967) Memorials, Erie Street Cemetery, Downtown Cleveland, 1928

Rush Hour Train

Albert Pels (American, 1910–1998) Rush Hour Train, c.1950

Tournesol Portrait

Barry McCuan (American, b. 1945) Tournesol Portrait, Late-20th Century

Industrial Landscape

Iva Goldhamer Stone (American, b. 1917) Industrial Landscape, 1941

Blue Pot

William Schock (American, 1913–1976) Blue Pot, 1974

Portrait of a Rooster

Laney (American, b. 1942) Portrait of a Rooster, Mid-to-Late 20th Century


Sandro Chia (Italian, b. 1946) Sarajevo, 1999

The Nun

Luigi Morgari (Italian, 1857–1935) The Nun

Pears and Peppers

Andre Vignoles (French, Born 1920) Pears and Peppers, 1957

Harbor and Town

Charles Salis Kaelin (American, 1858–1929) Harbor and Town

Return to the Stables, Gates Mills, Ohio

Frank Luis Jirouch (American, 1878–1970) Return to the Stables, Gates Mills, Ohio, c.1925-30

San Barnaba

Louis Bosa (American, 1905–1981) San Barnaba, c.1951

Snow in the Forest

Clarence Holbrook Carter (American, 1904–2000) Snow in the Forest, 1945

Reflections along the Ohio River

Frank Nelson Wilcox (American, 1887–1964) Reflections along the Ohio River, c. 1920