Medium: Oil on canvas

Signature: signed and dated lower right

Dimensions: 37.25in. h x 53.25in. w


The Lady of Shalott is currently on exhibition at Various Small Fires in Los Angeles. Please view here


"For by all means this artist's expression in paint is irradiated with strongly personal traits. Yet it is as happily free from evidence of a defiant, febrile, surface-grounded effort just to be 'different.' Carter has said: 'I paint as I please, and always shall.' I suppose it could be argued that all artists, save those committed to follow out the strict specifications of a patron, might feel justified in saying as much. Yet many artists are not in reality as unfettered as all that. In Carter's case, at any rate, this terse pronouncement amounts to a great deal more than words." -Edward Alden Jewell (Art Critic of The New York Times), American Artist, November 1946

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