Medium: acrylic on paper


4.5 in. h. x 3.5 in. w., paper

11 in. h. x 10 in. w., as framed


Carter's quest for a symbolic artistic language continued in this period with the introduction for the Ovoid or Egg form into his work. Perfectly suited to his preoccupation with the mysteries of life and the themes of death and transfiguration, the Ovoid or Egg symbolized all of these mysteries in a succinct and visually simple form. The Ovoid/Egg is employed in various fashions to wonderful effect by Carter. It is at once tough and fragile, and in Carter's depictions it is opaque or translucent; it is reminiscent of the shape of a human head, it becomes a substitute for a person or a soul. The Egg/Ovoid that is devoid of human features is given a single eye, or mouth, and is an instantly recognizable reduction of the human being. 

Type of Work: Paintings

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