Medium: Oil on canvas

Signature: Signed and dated upper right


17 in. h. x 15 in. w., canvas

25.75 in. h. x 23.25 in. w., as framed


"I mentioned a moment ago that Clarence Carter's work has been varied. There is, indeed, no single sort of theme that could be called 'typical.' He has painted landscape, still life, portrait, figure subject, genre. His approach has been straightforwardly descriptive; again he has addressed his brush to forms of symbolic expression. He holds even pure abstraction in healthy esteem, though this phase has not yet been published on gallery walls. Yet into whatever category a picture may seem best to fit, his work, in general, has remained allegiant, I feel to the attributes cited: clearness of intent, cleanness of line and form, coolness (with respected especially to color), balance in the orchestration of the sundry factors involved." -Edward Alden Jewell (Art Critic of The New York Times), American Artist, November 1946

Type of Work: Paintings

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