Medium: acrylic on paper

Signature: signed and dated lower right


22 in. h. x 30 in. w.


He refused to limit his efforts to a small world of exhibitions and art criticisms, nor would he surrender to the tinselled mechanical world of commercial necessity. Although variously labelled, he has followed none of the contemporary mannerisms in either the fine or the commercial arts. Nevertheless his work has consistently withstood both the sharp scrutiny of the art critics and the popular reaction of the public to national advertising programs sponsoring him. It is Carter's belief that the artist should serve the millions as well as the few, but he can do so only if he preserves that personal integrity which will permit him to produce only his best. -Laurence Schmeckebier (Director, Cleveland School of Art), Clarence H. Carter in Revew, November 1948

Type of Work: Paintings

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