WOLFS is located in the historic art and design district on Larchmere Boulevard in Cleveland, Ohio. 

WOLFS is a large and diverse art gallery comprised of the main floor, three galleries on the lower level, an upstairs mezzanine, and many works on loan or rotating through storage.

While most of our collection is comprised of fine art we also have a great passion for the decorative arts including antique and modern furniture, which is displayed throughout the gallery.

Because WOLFS was originally an auction house for many years we are comfortable with a wide range of periods and styles ranging from the 16th through the 21st century. Our inventory includes a wide selection of Cleveland School Art and unique fine and decorative arts from the serious to the unusual.

Throughout the year we focus on various artists or specific collections with routinely scheduled openings and events. Our gallery building which was originally an early 20th century powerhouse for streetcars, is on occasion a venue for lectures, exhibitions, musical performances, and private parties, which we present for educational purposes and to promote art and culture in Cleveland.

WOLFS represents the estates of numerous artists and selectively represents a few contemporary artists. Among the estates represented are Carl Gaertner, Paul Travis, and Clarence Carter. 

Also on view at WOLFS are many European and American paintings ranging from the 18th Century to Contemporary.

Our Services

Buying Art

Our inventory is comprised of the finest and most interesting works of art and antiques in the region, which we source from around the world. We have a passion for high quality paintings of all centuries and styles and we celebrate all of these by combining them together in our three-story gallery. We also specialize in paintings of the Cleveland School, the vibrant and groundbreaking group of artists painting in Cleveland from the late 19th century through the 1950s. We also represent and offer the works of Cleveland’s finest contemporary artists. Our rare and wonderful collection of inventory is thoughtfully curated and selected for the highest quality, style and taste. We strive to offer an ever-changing selection of unique and desirable works which will enhance and bring joy to the lives of our buyers.

Selling Your Art

From a single piece to an entire collection, Wolfs can assist you in the valuation and sale of your personal property with simple one stop shopping. Wolfs sells entire estates, collections and individual works. If you are looking to sell your fine or decorative arts we offer consignment or outright purchase for items that are appropriate to our market. You are welcome to contact us by phone or email to request an opinion regarding the salability of your works of art and antiques.


Bridget McWilliams is an Accredited Member of The Appraisers Association of America, and has been appraising fine and decorative arts for over twenty years. We specialize in the appraisal of fine art, antiques and personal property for private clients, attorneys, banks, trust and estate officers and institutions. We provide appraisals for all purposes including IRS accepted tax donation appraisals, estate tax and probate, insurance, fair market, damage/loss, divorce and liquidation. Our appraisals are fully researched, comprehensive and accurate and conform to the USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice). All works included in our comprehensive appraisal reports are photographed and fully described. A preliminary walk-through can be arranged in order to determine pricing and the scope of the appraisal at no charge.

Art Advisors & Brokers

Wolfs can assist in building your art collection with experienced and knowledgeable advice, helping buyers navigate the sometimes difficult to understand art market, where changes in style and taste affect market value. We are happy to provide scholarly material and independent research to support the works we sell and we are hopeful that we impart to our buyers the same sense of enthusiasm we share for these works of art. We believe that art can transform one’s life and home, adding a completely unique dimension that cannot be achieved without its presence.

Design & Decoration

Interior design is a natural outgrowth of our fine and decorative art sales. Antiques and fine art create unique interiors, and we have years of experience placing fine items in the home. From furnishings to paintings to upholstery, we can completely redo or simply refresh your interior spaces. Our experience includes residences, executive offices, fine restaurants and country clubs. We have an exceptional team of artisans and craftsmen available to complete any project.

The WOLFS Team

Michael Wolf

Michael Wolf

Michael Wolf’s passion for the arts began while he was at Ohio State University. After graduation, his earliest ventures in the art business took him from a small antique shop in Cleveland to his first auction house in California. In 1979, he returned to Ohio and founded WOLF’S auction house in Cleveland. With his excellent eye for quality in Fine and Decorative Arts, Wolf’s grew into an internationally respected auction house, and a favorite stop for buyers from all over the globe.

Wolf led his company by setting numerous world record prices for art and antiques while establishing a reputation for honesty and integrity in the industry. In 1999 Wolf successfully converted WOLF’S into the first live online auction in the industry, in the form of the award winning ewolfs.com.

In 2003 Wolf left Cleveland and established a gallery in New York City. After a number of years he was lured back into the auction business in Dallas, TX. As Senior Development Director of Fine and Decorative Arts for Heritage Auction Galleries, he traveled the globe initiating client contacts and using his experience to establish the now formidable Fine and Decorative Arts Department at Heritage.

Wolf returned home to Cleveland in 2009 where he and Bridget McWilliams enthusiastically agreed to manage our fine new gallery for the Wolf family, LLC on Larchmere Boulevard in Cleveland’s antique district.

Bridget McWilliams

Bridget McWilliams

Bridget McWilliams, an accredited member of the Appraisers Association of America, has over 25 years of experience in the art world. She received a BA in English and Art from Hillsdale College and an MA in Art History from Case Western Reserve University. While pursuing her Master’s degree at Case, she worked full time at the Cleveland Museum of Art, researching and cataloging slides in the Museum Library, virtually cataloging the Museum’s entire collection.

In 1989 she joined Wolf’s Fine Art Auctioneers in Cleveland, Ohio, rising to Assistant Director, where she spent 12 years overseeing every aspect of the auction business, including the research, writing and editing of all auction catalogs as well as making significant contributions to the transformation of the company into ewolfs.com, a groundbreaking internet auction website. As a generalist in an increasingly specialized world, she is able to make qualitative judgments on a wide variety of styles, forms and mediums in both the Fine and Decorative Arts, with wide-ranging interests in both disciplines.

McWilliams is an active appraiser in this region and has settled numerous important estates here in Cleveland and across the country, and as a consultant to Heritage Auction Galleries in Dallas, TX.

Maxwell Wolf

Maxwell Wolf

As current program manager at Red Bull Studios New York and former Senior Specialist in Contemporary Art at Artnet and Director of Live Auction at Showplace Design and Antique Center, Maxwell Wolf has proven himself as an experienced art curator. Throughout his 15 years immersed in the art world, Maxwell has helped build an industry-leading online auction platform and has curated various thematic sales and shows. He has also founded a private sales department, specializing in the discreet sale of significant modern and contemporary works.

Maxwell became a global representative and top seller at Artnet, handling notable artists such as: George Condo, Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Fernando Botero, Norman Rockwell, Childe Hassam, Thomas Hart Benton, Alexander Calder, Roberto Matta, Futura, Lee Ufan, Keith Haring, Jean-Michelle Basquiat and many more. In addition to his experience in contemporary art, Maxwell’s role as founding partner of Showplace Live Auction as well as his longtime involvement with Wolfs Gallery has given him much valuable exposure to the fine arts world.

Megan Arner

Megan Arner

With seven years' experience in the management and marketing of art galleries, Megan has developed a unique talent for understanding the challenging business of the art world. Her many duties include business administration, accounting, consignor reconciliation, marketing and graphic design. Megan is in charge of WOLFS online presence, working with WOLFS website, social media, and supervision of computer specialists as well as gallery interns. Megan controls scheduling, event planning and coordinates restoration, packing and shipping.



Hooper is a nine-year-old French bulldog who is lucky enough to be able to work in the fine art and antique industry. He serves in his self appointed role as greeter of humans, but does not appreciate other dogs entering his gallery territory. He is a noted thief of hats, scarves, gloves, shoes, tools, nails, and other items he may find if you leave your bag on the floor. He is one of the most photographed dogs in the Larchmere neighborhood.