Johan Einar Jolin, a Swedish landscape and portrait painter, was born August 7 1890 in Adolf Fredrik Parish, Stockholm and died August 29 1976 in St George Parish, Stockholm.  He was the son of Professor Severin Jolin (1852-1919) and grandson of actor John Christopher Jolin (1818-1884).

He studied at the Technical School in Stockholm in 1906 and Artist Association's School of Painting before 1907, and then, with his friend Isaac Grünewald, traveled to Paris for further study of art until 1914 with Henri Matisse.

He married three times: first (1921-1936) with Britt von Zweigbergk; the second time (1943-1950) with Clorinda Campbell Kissack; and third time married in 1952 with singer Tatjana Angelini-Scheremetiew (1923-2006).

Works by Einar (Johan Einar) Jolin