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Snow in the Forest

Clarence Holbrook Carter (American, 1904–2000) Snow in the Forest, 1945

Reflections along the Ohio River

Frank Nelson Wilcox (American, 1887–1964) Reflections along the Ohio River, c. 1920

Stevedores, Ohio River

Frank Nelson Wilcox (American, 1887–1964) Stevedores, Ohio River, c. 1920

Lac Italien

Jacques Martin-Ferrieres (French, 1893–1972) Lac Italien

Dusk in Winter

Raphael Gleitsmann (American, 1910–1995) Dusk in Winter, 1943

Woods End Breakwater

Carl Frederick Gaertner (American, 1898–1952) Woods End Breakwater, 1951

Bull Fight, Madrid

Paul Bough Travis (American, 1891–1975) Bull Fight, Madrid, 1953

New England Coastal Town

Kae Dorn Cass (American, 1901–1971) New England Coastal Town, Mid-20th Century

Terraced Sicily

Glenn Moore Shaw (American, 1891–1981) Terraced Sicily

Crashing Waves

William Le Schoenig (20th Century) Crashing Waves, 1938

Car Dealership

20th Century American School Car Dealership, 1924

Chagrin Falls

Paul Riba (American, 1912–1977) Chagrin Falls, Mid-20th Century

Industrial Landscape

Lawrence Blazey (American, 1902–1999) Industrial Landscape, Mid-20th Century

Two Wagons, Bucks County, PA

Louis Bosa (American, 1905–1981) Two Wagons, Bucks County, PA, 1934

Ladies on a Bridge

20th Century American School Ladies on a Bridge, c. 1950

Brandywine Landscape With Goats

William Sommer (American, 1867–1949) Brandywine Landscape With Goats, 1943

Venetian Canal

François Brunery (Italian, 1849–1926) Venetian Canal

Abstract in Red and White

20th Century School Abstract in Red and White, 20th Century

Abstract in Red, White and Purple

20th Century School Abstract in Red, White and Purple, 20th Century

Night Beach

Clyde Singer (American, 1908–1999) Night Beach, 1946

Lake Vista

Ferdinand Burgdorff (American, 1881–1975) Lake Vista, 1916

Latin Quarter, Paris

Grant Wood (American, 1891–1942) Latin Quarter, Paris, c. 1920


Walter Alexander Bailey (American, 1894–1989) Dusk, Mid-20th Century


John Opper (American, 1908–1994) Untitled, 1959

Sun Down

Louis Bosa (American, 1905–1981) Sun Down

Exotic Birds

Joseph Benjamin O’Sickey (American, 1918–2013) Exotic Birds

Tide Wash

Carl Frederick Gaertner (American, 1898–1952) Tide Wash, 1951

Green Apples

Harold Cohn (American, 1908–1982) Green Apples

“Ship India Bath” Captain Patten

17th/18th Century Continental School “Ship India Bath” Captain Patten, 1878

View of New York from Staten Island

Frank Myers Boggs (American, 1855–1926) View of New York from Staten Island

Barnyard Scene

Addison Thomas Millar (American, 1850–1913) Barnyard Scene

Cadiz by Moonlight

Raphael Gleitsmann (American, 1910–1995) Cadiz by Moonlight


Trudy Fischer (Swiss, b. 1917) Abstraction

Sentada Desnuda

Guillermo Meza (Mexican, 1917–1997) Sentada Desnuda, 1941

Still Life

Shlomo Van den Berg (Israeli, 1920–1982) Still Life, 1953

The Hay Field

Frank Nelson Wilcox (American, 1887–1964) The Hay Field, c. 1916