Medium: lithograph

Signature: signed and dated lower right


18 in. h. x 26 in. w.


"For my part, I have responded with most keen and instant delight to some of Clarence Carter's landscapes, or to subjects (in oil or watercolor) in which landscape provides more than an incidental background for figures. One finds such amble quiet freshness in his subtly grayed greens and yellows. More than once in the past I have alluded to the flavorsome acetic tang of his color, its acid strength. Then there is the resolute honesty with which-if in fine spareness, with never the attitude of one whose report must be photographically exact, inclusive-he gives the reins to unromanticized nature's bitter-sweet affirmations and denials." -Edward Alden Jewell (Art Critic of The New York Times), American Artist, November 1946

Type of Work: Prints

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