Medium: Graphite on paper, mounted on cardboard

Signature: signed and dated upper right

Dimensions: 22in. h x 30in. w


The Eschatos series is the last stylistic evolution in the work of Clarence Carter. Eschatos is a Greek term meaning the study of what is last. Again Carter makes a very conscious decision in regards to his subject matter and the feelings and thoughts he chooses to transmit to the world through his art. His continuing exploration of the subject of death and the mysteries surrounding the transition from earth to spirit is made apparent both by his use of the term eschatos itself and by the placement of the Egg/Ovoid in a series of mysterious and unfamiliar backgrounds that can be seen as moonscapes, spacescapes or mountainscapes. There is a feeling in these works that the artist may now be feeling his own mortality at the age of 75 and beyond in a very real way. A key development in the Eschatos works is that the Egg/Ovoid now appears to be moving through these mysterious terrains, as opposed to the earlier Transections series works where the Egg/Ovoid is floating and hovering, yet mostly still among sharply rendered architectural forms. The addition ofthis feeling of movement in the Eschatos works signifies a journey for the artist himself into the unknown and the mysterious, to the place that is beyond all understanding. 

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