Medium: Glazed stoneware and beeswax

Signature: Signed and dated


48 x 25.5 x 19.5 inches


"Rivers feed life, carry news, forge paths, swell and flood the landscape; they are peaceful, violent, and essential. There are rivers of the underworld, Tao, flow, lineage.  I was feeling chaotic with news, loss, and the pandemic, I wanted to put those feelings into a grounded figure, allow them some physical weight. The color scheme is intended to suggest a stone figure sitting in a river up to their armpits. The river flowing around them represents the chaos and the salve. The gesture is of still observation, the plant is the fruit, the growth, it brings life to the piece and requires water." - Kristen Newell

Kristen Newell: Unfolding

Type of Work: Sculpture

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