WOLFS is pleased to offer for sale the Roundwood Manor collection of 18th & 19th century English furniture and artwork.

Located in Hunting Valley, Daisy Hill Farms is a splendid 440 acre private park where rolling hills and curving streams undulate around sixty homes hidden discreetly in a natural rustic setting.

The real heart and soul of this private community is the original Van Sweringen mansion, Roundwood Manor; built in the early twenties by the developers of Shaker Heights, the land and railroad magnate brothers, O.P. and M.J. Van Sweringen, as their very private retreat.  Guided by their architect and trusted friend, Philip Small, Small not only embarked on Roundwood’s design but was given carte blanche to buy the art and antiques to furnish the splendid interior. While many of the original accoutrements still exist in the vast 55,000 square foot mansion, times and owners have changed.

Following the “Van's” tenure, Roundwood Manor changed hands a number of times, however many of the original Van Sweringen antiques were purchased with the home and maintained at the Manor.

The present owners of 40 years have carefully appointed this architectural wonder with the finest 18th and early 19th century furniture and artwork almost exclusively purchased in London and Europe.

WOLFS is pleased to offer for sale the fine collection of antiques and artworks that proudly adorn the halls of Roundwood Manor today.