Medium: Watercolor on board

Signature: Signed and dated lower right

Dimensions: 15.25in. h x 21in. w


"On the second trip to Gaspé the family went along, and we had a wonderful experience together... The following year, Carle Semon went up with all his photographic equipment. It was a great pleasure to work along with this master craftsman whose ideals fitted in with mine. The previous year there was a New York photographer there, Paul Strand, and he and his wife were full of the doctrine of Stieglitz and John Marin. The presence of people of this type in Gaspé spoiled the place for me to some degree, since they had a cultist point of view for which Gaspé was no better than anything else. Whereas Semon felt the spirit of the place, they saw it through a formula. My preliminary sketches startled them to the extent that they admitted Marin tendencies in them. This necessary abstractionism was, to them, an end in itself." 

Catalog #172

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