Medium: Watercolor on paper

Dimensions: 11.25in. h x 15in. w


"In those days, such a sharp line was drawn between town and country that it was quite apparent to one of any age or interest. As compared to the present, our city would look relatively rural but we had plenty of smoke to distinguish it. Now I would welcome a sight of the sailing schooners in the flats. The old canal basin, the sight of steeples now, gone, or dwarfed by modern buildings. Then, we were truly the Forest City. Town had attractions we later associated more with rural scenes such as the blacksmith shop and the livery stable. We passed these on the way to school and always peered in curiosity to see the sparks fly from the anvil or to see the long dim rows of horse stalls and admire the shinning equipages. Sometimes one of these would take us to the country - an all day journey but every minute of it is something to be remembered." - Wilcox

Catalog #33

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