Medium: Bronze

Signature: Foundry Stamp "Chiurazzi - Naples"


24 in. h. x 10 in. w. x 10 in. d.


This youthful nude of Dionysus standing in contrapposto demonstrates the well-defined sculpted musculature of the figure. He wears a crown of grapes with a fawn-skin knotted over his left shoulder and high-laced leather sandals strapped to his feet. This Chiurazzi bronze is completed after the original sculpture from antiquity, which was excavated in 1862 in Pompeii and is now in the Museo Nazionale, Naples. The Chiurazzi foundry which made this work, was established in 1870, shortly after the discovery of Pompeii, in order to create mementos for travelers on the Grand Tour in the 19th century.

Type of Work: Sculpture

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