Medium: Ceramic

Signature: Signed with initial 'I' in underglaze blue at base


8.75 x 6.5 inches


Johann Philipp Guichard and a town syndicate owned the Magdeburg faience factory, which was founded in 1754 with the production of faience tiles. Two years later they bought three houses in Magdeburg in order to increase the faience production. It wasn’t until 1764 that Guichard received the privilege for this faience factory. This privilege was extended 10 years in 1779. No further extensions were granted in 1789 and it is believed faience production ended in 1785 or shortly after. Guichard received a privilege to make stoneware that year. The Magdeburg factory, which was located in central Germany near Berlin and Potsdam, is unique in that they made two different types of steins. They made typical faience with opaque white tin oxide glaze and creamware that is a transparent lead glaze allowing the natural clay color to come through. 

Type of Work: Decorative Arts

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