Richard Andres 2.0

On view through June 29

WOLFS is pleased to present the exhibition and sale Andres 2.0: Selected Works 1975-1990, featuring the works of the Cleveland School’s premier abstract expressionist Richard Andres (1927–2013).

Andres 2.0 is a big statement. In June of 2022, WOLFS exhibited the first of the two large troves of Andres’ abstract expressionist work, offering an exciting introduction to this talented painter. And with this, our second exhibition, featuring lush, powerful and mature paintings done mostly after 1975, we proudly present a complete and comprehensive examination of Richard Andres the artist. 

“Andres belongs to that special breed of painter that tumbled on to abstraction in the glory days of the New York School and never since wavered about what 20th century painting should be. He’s one of the stalwarts who never gave in to trendy pop, op and minimalist movements or the return to the figure.”

-Helen Cullinan, Art Critic, “Abstract endures as his style” 

"Not many painters know how to pull off paintings of this scale that don’t have weak spots. Perhaps the essence of Richard Andres’s achievement is that he made paintings that reward careful study, and that don’t disclose all their secrets at first glance.  They’re fun to look at on one’s first encounter: they’re even more interesting when you return to them."

-Henry Adams

Richard Andres 2.0: Selected Works 1975-1990  

On view through June 29th