Robert Laessig was an American artist, best known for his floral paintings, prints, and greeting card illustrations. Rendered in a realist style, his subtle and atmospheric works frequently feature shallow spaces with rich bouquets of blooming plants in the imminent foreground of the composition. “My work is inspired by nature,” he explained. “It is a reflection of the natural beauty all around us.” Laessig is also notable for utilizing elements of batik, specifically treating his canvases with a wax coating before applying his finishing imagery. The artist was born on November 15, 1913 in West New York, NJ, and studied the art of textile design in pre-World War II Germany. His long and prolific career was shaped by his employment and eventual directorship of the American Greetings Company, the world’s largest greeting card corporation. During his time there, he famously designed the White House Christmas card throughout the 1960s. Laessig died on November 15, 2010 in Wabash, IN at the age of 97.

Works by Robert H. Laessig