Born in Codroipo, a small village only a few miles from Venice, Italy in 1905, the son of a stonemason. Bosa emigrated to the U.S. at age 18 after studies at the Accademia della Belle Arti in Venice and became an American citizen. He then studied under John Sloan, of the Ashcan School, at the Art Students League in New York. A distinguished painter, Louis Bosa's work has been likened to that of artists ranging from Pieter Breughel the Elder to John Sloan and the Ashcan School.

Being an acute observer of the human condition, Bosa's paintings, which are primarily oil on canvas, often focus on people and street scenes from his native Italy. Bosa was known to have followed his subjects around, making many sketches and mental notes, and combined his observations in the final work to create visionary, fantastical images. The subjects of his paintings are highly stylized and expressionistic, and border on caricature. "People are so funny at times they are sad," he said: The people in his paintings are accessible and seem to portray human emotion and everyday life, conquering such concepts as mortality, humility and sometimes futility. His work often reveals comedy in the midst of tragedy. Many of his paintings include whimsical images of nuns riding bicycles and similar authority figures engaged in mundane activities.

He traveled extensively through Europe and often returned to his native Italy. Bosa painted for the Works Progress Administration and the Whitney Museum. He taught at the Cleveland Institute of Art, the New York Art Students League, the Parsons School of Design, Syracuse University, and the University of Notre Dame at South Bend, Indiana. His paintings and watercolors are on display at many well-known art studios and museums across the United States such as:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York
The Whitney Museum - New York
The Philadelphia Museum - Pennsylvania
The Worcester Museum - Massachusetts
The Springfield Museum - Massachusetts
The Toronto Art Museum - Canada
Notre Dame University Museum
The Butler Museum - Ohio
The Columbus Museum of Arts and Crafts - Ohio
The University of Illinois - Illinois
The Montclair Museum - New Jersey
The James A. Michener Art Museum - Doylestown, Pennsylvania
The Clearwater Museum - Florida
The Wilmington Museum - Delaware
The Athenian Museum - Connecticut
The Herron Art Institute - Indiana
The Rochester Museum - New York
The Delgado Museum - New Orleans
The Richmond Art Museum - Virginia
The Academy of Arts and Letters
The Hosanna Fund
The Encyclopedia Britannica Collections
International Business Machines
The Syracuse Museum - New York

Works by Louis Bosa

Hunters in Buck County

Hunters in Buck County Louis Bosa

Sun Down

Sun Down Louis Bosa

Bucks County

Bucks County, 1934 Louis Bosa


Wharf, 1934 Louis Bosa

Two Wagons, Bucks County, PA

Two Wagons, Bucks County, PA, 1934 Louis Bosa


Erotica, Mid-20th Century Louis Bosa


Erotica, Mid-20th Century Louis Bosa

Island of the Monks

Island of the Monks Louis Bosa

Costume Party Scene

Costume Party Scene Louis Bosa


Harlequin Louis Bosa

San Barnaba

San Barnaba, c.1951 Louis Bosa

Skiing Nuns

Skiing Nuns Louis Bosa

Flying Nuns

Flying Nuns Louis Bosa

Fancy Dress Party

Fancy Dress Party, c.1945 Louis Bosa


Masquerade Louis Bosa

Fantasy Flight of a Bird with two Children

Fantasy Flight of a Bird with two Children Louis Bosa

Horse Cart in Snow, Central Park, New York


Horse Cart in Snow, Central Park, New York Louis Bosa

Woman Raking in a Yard with Church Spire and Dome


Woman Raking in a Yard with Church Spire and Dome Louis Bosa

New York City Street Scenes


New York City Street Scenes, 1930 Louis Bosa

Coney Island


Coney Island, ca. 1930 Louis Bosa

Cabin in Snow, Bucks County, Pennsylvania


Cabin in Snow, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 1934 Louis Bosa

Rail Scenes, New York City


Rail Scenes, New York City, 1934 Louis Bosa

Rooftops, New York City


Rooftops, New York City, 1934 Louis Bosa



Skaters, c. 1935 Louis Bosa

Evening on the North River


Evening on the North River, 1943 Louis Bosa

Snow Storm, New York City


Snow Storm, New York City, c. 1944 Louis Bosa

Lower Eastside, NYC


Lower Eastside, NYC, c.1945 Louis Bosa

Dinner for One


Dinner for One Louis Bosa

Fish and a Martini


Fish and a Martini Louis Bosa

Top Hat Gentleman and Lady


Top Hat Gentleman and Lady Louis Bosa

Monkey Business


Monkey Business, 1948 Louis Bosa

Procession of Friars


Procession of Friars, c.1950 Louis Bosa



Bullfight, 1950 Louis Bosa

Self Portrait


Self Portrait Louis Bosa

Watching the Game


Watching the Game Louis Bosa

Still Life of Flowers


Still Life of Flowers, c.1950 Louis Bosa



Riviera Louis Bosa

Courtyard in Venice


Courtyard in Venice, 1951 Louis Bosa

Cafe Piccolo


Cafe Piccolo, c. 1951 Louis Bosa

The Graceful Monk


The Graceful Monk, 1955 Louis Bosa

Louis Bosa, In the Brothel


Louis Bosa, In the Brothel Louis Bosa

Sunday Afternoon


Sunday Afternoon, c.1945 Louis Bosa

The Good Festival of Easter


The Good Festival of Easter, c.1945 Louis Bosa

Drawing Class


Drawing Class, 1961 Louis Bosa