Lawton Parker studied at Acadamie Julian from 1889-90 and 1896-98, as well as Art Students League in between those years. He also studied in Paris with Whistler and was one of the few American artists who lived and worked near Monet's studio-home in Giverny.

Parker worked en-plein-air, the Impressionistic technique of painting outdoors to capture particular times of day and light changes. His work shows a variety of color when viewed at different angles in relation to the sun. In 1913 he was the first American awarded the coveted gold medal at the Paris Salon.

Parker was seasoned professor, teaching at St. Louis School of Fine Art (1892) and New York Art School (1898-99) before opening his own academy of painting in Paris in 1900.

He died in 1954.



Works by Lawton Silas Parker