Boehme studied from 1884 to 1892 at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe with Gustav Schoenleber .

His first major study trips led by Norway (1888 Stavanger , 1890 Lofoten 1891Skomvær 1899 Lofoten 1907 Lofoten 1925 Stavanger).

He had success with the coastal motifs that during its partly extended stays in Italyemerged. Most famous he was by his Capri images (1893, 1894, 1898, 1902, 1904, 1912). He also traveled to Vulcano (1904),France ( Biarritz 1910 Gascony ) and England ( Lizard ), Malta (1914), Bornholm (1915, 1918), Rügen (1919, 1920) and Liguria(1924), to rocky shore scenes to paint.

Since 1891 he participated in exhibitions in Munich , Vienna , Berlin , Salzburg and Buenos Aires part. He has received numerous awards. In 1902 he received at the Great Berlin Art Exhibition a small gold medal. On the Great German Art Exhibition in Munich Haus der Kunst , 1937, he was represented by five works, including three from Capri.

His landscape paintings mostly show rocks rich sea-shore and there powerfully acting natural forces. They are often free of people, ships and other signs of civilization. Water and clouds appear in violent motion.