John Donaghy led an interesting life as an artist, a writer and a soldier.

As an artist, he would receive training at the National Academy of Design, Art Student's League and the Pittsburgh School of Design. Donaghy, over his professional career, would illustrate for several publications including Harper's Weekly and Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper.

As a soldier in the Duquesne Grays, Donaghy rose to the rank of captain and spent some time in the Andersonville Prison after being captured by the Confederacy. He would later escape and write a book about his adventure in the army. During his time as a soldier, John Donaghy would sketch scenes depicting the war which would lead to some of his illustration work.

After the conflict, Donaghy would reside in Pittsburgh and New York where he pursued his career as an artist. He enjoyed painting rural genre scenes that often showed a more innocent charm than that of his instructor, David Gilmour Blythe.

Donaghy would concentrate his exhibiting of artwork in Pittsburgh and New York at several different venues.

Source: Gilliland Fine Art

Works by John Donaghy