Jenő Kerényi was a Hungarian sculptor. He studied at the Academic for Fine Arts in Budapest, and later studied in Rome. Kerényi exhibited in Brussels at the World Exhibition in 1958, and won the Grand Prix.

He created his figurative works mostly in bronze and stone in figurine and monumental statues ass well. His art is inspired by the classical stile focused on the figure of man and women, always full with tension and motion. His gallant modeling is linked with a passion for emotional surface treatment. His sculptures are associated to the European movement of the expressionism.




1908: Born in Budapest.

1925-1930: School of Applied Arts.

1930-1937: Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, a student of Professor Jenő Bory

From 1934: Exhibiting artist



1969: The city of Budapest Pro Arte golden medal

1969: II. National Statuette Biennale, Pécs, Baranya county grand prize

1968: Gold grade of work merit

1966: Outstanding artist

1964: Merited artist

1958: Brussels World's Fair, Grand Prix

1955: Kossuth-award

1952: Munkácsy-award

1950: Munkácsy-award

1950: Suzzara (OL)

1950: International statuette exhibition I. prize

1942: Zrínyi-reward

1937: Roman scholarship



2006: Körmend Gallery, Budapest

1980: State Gallery, Moscow

1978: Szentendre (permanent exhibition)

1976: Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

1965: Collegium Hungaricum, Vienna and Lintz

1941: Tamás Gallery, Budapest



1978: IV. Budapest International statuette, Biennial, Art Gallery

1975: Public property Art Gallery, Budapest, Jubilee Art Exhibition, Art Gallery, Budapest

1973: II. International Statuette Biennale, Art Gallery, Budapest

1969: Hungarian art 1945-1969, Art Gallery, Budapest, II. National Statuette Biennale, Pécs

1960: XXX. Venice Biennale, Venice

1960: Our fine arts after the liberation, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

1958: World Exhibition, Brussels

1942: XXIII. Venice Biennale, Venice

1940: Sports Award Exhibition

1937: New Artists Association, Budapest



Ferenczy Museum, Szentendre

Capital Gallery, Budapest

Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

Works by Jenő Kerényi