Jean Sardi is a French painter born in 1974 in Toulon. He spent his youth in Provence and then studied and got married. For professional reasons, he was obliged to settle in the Marne but he was soon missing his native region and ended up coming back ten years later in 1980. It was a new beginning and the beginning of his artistic career. Sardi then started to draw, paint with water and oil paints on different supports, sometimes even on the tiles of his house, but generally on cardboard canvases. He then met painter Jacques Bartoli in Toulon and begin to frequent the small world of local painters who urged him to pursue definitively his artist vocation.

Jean Sardi represents mostly landscapes of Provence but it is the bright color of the light that is the real subject of his canvases. An inspired colorist, he knows how to perfectly depict what is impalpable: the environment, warmth, space, happiness, generosity. In his compositions structured by a game of horizontal and verticals, in his arrangement of elements and accordance of tones, his sense of harmony balances dynamism and chromatic enthusiasm.

On July 1983, Sardi exhibited his work at the Revest Painting Biennale. With a lot of hesitation, he accepted exhibiting in the region the following years (Grand Prix of St Raphael in 1985, then at the Salon of Provence, Port of Bouc and Eguilles in 1986, First Prize of the city of Lyon in 1989). Several galleries organized solo exhibitions for him, in Istres, Antibes, Marseille, Aix en Provence and especially in Toulon. His work is part of public sales as well, in Paris and in the provinces. Well received, his work is also part of numerous collections, in France and abroad.

Works by Jean Sardi