Harvey Gregory Prusheck was a Slovenian-American artist and art teacher. Prusheck was born in the village of Jelovec near Sodrazica on March 11, 1887. He only completed primary school until the age of 13 before emigrating to American. Prusheck moved to Cleveland from Yugoslavia at the age of 14.

A resident of Cleveland most of his life, Prusheck founded the Yugoslav School of art, serving as both director and instructor. He was also the director of Crafts & Art Ctr. In Cleveland.

In 1919, Prusheck married May, a Czech painter. They both had a daughter, Mariann, who was born in 1922.

Throughout his life, Prusheck won prizes at art shows in Chicago in 1930 and 1932 for several of his works. Slovene Village is part of the Cleveland Museum of Art’s permanent collection.

Prusheck died in Cleveland in 1940.

Works by Harvey Gregory Prusheck