Gretchen Troibner is an American artist whose primary media is painting gouache on paper. Troibner, born in Warren, Ohio in 1953, received her Bachelor’s in Art Education in 1975 as a joint degree from Case Western Reserve University and The Cleveland Institute of Art.


Troibner participated in many shows, especially in the 1980s, including the May Show, Butler Midyear Painting, and Case Western Reserve University Alumnae Show, winning the 1983 May Show First Prize Painting Award. The May Show was a juried exhibition of Northeast Ohio artists held at the Cleveland Museum of Art from 1919-1993. 


When asked for a statement about her philosophy and work as an artist, Troibner stated, “My paintings are dream inspired. I refine the dream scenes down to the basic archetype. Simplification helps me to identify the symbols within the play, sometimes discarding the main characters. Transformations are often necessary in order to bring the idea together as a complete and separate work. The finished painting will always invoke in me the same feeling which inspired it.”  

Works by Gretchen Troibner