Andreas Roth was a German painter. Son of the sharecropper Johannes Roth (1835–1904) and Anna Maria Ullrich (1842–1910), Roth was educated in a peasant family of Catholic religion. In November 1897, at the age of twenty-six, he moved to Munich where he studied at the Academy of Art.\

Roth constantly travelled around locations in Europe, including: Switzerland, Austria, and northern Italy, painting mainly natural and urban landscapes.

He married Mathilde Speckbacher (1884–1958) and his son Hermann was born in Riva del Garda on June 25, 1912. In 1917 he officially resumed his residence in his hometown near Kleinochsenfurth.

On 10 January 1931, his son Hermann died of pneumonia and shortly thereafter, the now sixty-year-old painter Andreas Roth decided to move to the United States, to Los Angeles. Here, thanks to his sociable nature, he managed to have some success painting portraits, flowers and landscapes. He settles at the King Edwards Hotel in Los Angeles, hence perhaps the nickname Edward Andreas by which he is often known in America. 

In 1937 he began a series of trips to Canada on Lake Louise where he rediscovered the snowy and glacial landscapes he had painted in Europe in his youth. He died of lung cancer on December 5, 1949 in Los Angeles.

Works by Andreas Roth