Medium: Digitized 35mm film, front surface mirror, monitor, bespoke electronics


7.5 in. h. x 11 in. w. x 6.5 in. d.


Infinite Jest takes the visual and auditory components of our culture and reconstitutes them not as the products of the entertainment industry, but as bold representations of human persistence and joy within a dying universe.

Bits and pieces of moving images are distilled from the vast, largely unexploited mid-century public domain film archives, the detritus of our movie culture. This compendium of gestures and actions are then refined and deployed, each piece for use as an individual unit of visual and auditory meaning, the “words” of the language of moving images.

Like memory and dreams, the images in “Infinite Jest” – full of myth and symbol – seem to flicker through the mind: slightly disjointed, other-worldly, conveying not so much factual truth as the resonance of perception, the depth and irrationality of feeling. Speaking its own visual language, Infinite Jest map guides our culture’s quest to transcend death.

Type of Work: Sculpture

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